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All Day Paranormal is a podcast and off-shoot of the blog, Every week, Krystle Vermes and Manny Veiga will be coming to you with insight into the latest happenings on paranormal television, as well as news on everything from hauntings to UFOs.

Jul 20, 2020

In Episode 317 of All Day Paranormal, Krystle and Manny bring you a lightning round of hot topics. Also, a brief recap of "Believers," the latest conclusion drawn in the Dyatlov Pass incident, and UFO protection.



- UFOs protecting an alien base:

- Luis Elizondo interview:

- Area 51 photos:

- 'Unsolved Mysteries' and the paranormal:

- 'Unsolved Mysteries' data files:

- Marco Rubio on UFOs:

- Aliens as humans from the future: