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All Day Paranormal is a podcast and off-shoot of the blog, Every week, Krystle Vermes and Manny Veiga will be coming to you with insight into the latest happenings on paranormal television, as well as news on everything from hauntings to UFOs.

Jun 29, 2015

In Episode 69 of "All Day Paranormal," Krystle and Manny explore the origins of the flying saucer. Also, a recap of 'The Dead Files,' and why you shouldn't buy a haunted house -- under any circumstance.



- The origin of flying saucers:

- Google Street View captures ghosts in a...

Jun 22, 2015

In Episode 68 of "All Day Paranormal," Krystle and Manny take you to Kensington Palace in a new Travel Diary! Also, a look at the wearable tech landscape, as well as how 'The Dead Files' finds new ways to scare us each week.

Jun 15, 2015

In Episode 67 of All Day Paranormal, Krystle and Manny talk about the "Charlie Charlie" Challenge, discuss a new data visualization map of historical UFO activity, and a study into the human ability to sense the future. Also, a review of "The Dead Files" and thoughts on the different motivations of...

Jun 8, 2015

In Episode 66 of "All Day Paranormal" Krystle and Manny take you inside Westminster Abbey and the St. Bartholomew Church of England in a new Travel Diary. Also, a recap of 'The Dead Files,' and what you should do if you find out you're being abducted by aliens.

Jun 1, 2015

In Episode 65 of "All Day Paranormal," Krystle and Manny dive into the true story of the original 'Exorcist' movie and its creation. Also, a recap of 'The Dead Files,' as well as the 'Ghost Asylum' finale.



- The original Washington post story of 'The Exorcist':

- On-set accounts of...